Bullet Points In The Right Direction


August 23rd, 2011

– Woke up too damn early

– Got SCHOOLED by my professor. Explanation of my Chinese learning method detailed in previous post means my job for the next three weeks is “不是學怎麼說中文,就是學怎麼說中文好,” which means, “Not to learn how to speak Chinese, but to learn how to speak Chinese WELL.” I asked Eric if he thought I should be in a lower level of Chinese because I practically have to relearn how to speak (I never learned tones) and how to write using another writing system (I learned the outdated complicated way), and he said not to worry, I’ll be fine. I just have to really focus on pronouncing things properly, cuz I sound exceptionally foreign when I 說話,speak.

– Met up with Keeli after her class and traipsed over to the bookstores outside 廈門大學的西門,Xiamen University’s West Gate because we wanted to check out dictionaries. While I ended up figuring out that my current dictionary had the properties I wanted before buying a new one, I came away with a children’s book with Pinyin (transliterated Chinese) and Simplified Characters (the new writing system I’m learning) as well as a Chinese version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! I’m really hoping that I’ll be allowed to translate it as part of my tutored course.

– Found a great dive, got the small bowl of noodles, consumed a serving of carbohydrates approximately as large as my substantial cat, stomach ache, happy

–  BOUGHT CONVERTER! Can now use electronics in China. Can now procrastinate in China.

– Underground Mall Adventure with Keeli- spent 20 minutes attempting to translate ‘peel-off face mask’ for the cosmetics representative. Came away with a Sesame Street-themed umbrella with conspicuous grammatical errors. It is exceptional.

– Starting another chapter in book about Chinese economic and political revolution= Roomie Nap five minutes later.

– Culture class with Professor Yue= I have “keen observations,” love him so much, it’s sO MuCh FuNNNNN.

– Bum around. Sleep at 9 cuz I’m training to be 80 years old.

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  1. Dude the ‘peel-off-face part’ made me lol. literally. Anna is over here looking at me like I’m crazy laughing at my computer screen.

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