Have I heard of HTML editing? Why do you ask?


Perfect Beach Weather


"Green tea should get out of my food and get back in a cup." "I'll smoke it."

"Which mislabeled beverage should I buy and regret later?"


"I believe your issue isn't that you bought Green Tea Cookies, but that these aren't Green Tea Cookies."


I’m not particularly fond. 
Janice with our new friend, Mary
Up down, front back, yin yang


My trapeze skills come in handy

“We’re on the mainland?!? We weren’t on the mainland?!?! Can I take pictures?!?!”

Tony, the 12-year-old Kung Fu Master and I. Safewalk will want to hire me when I return a master as well.




Bus Ridin= Taxin

For the Scrapbook: Baby’s First Pork
Look at that! We really appreciate old culture, but after, can we go drink our bottled drinks and return to our air conditioned rooms?

Asians and Adventure Gear- I don't know why, but I never picture the two together


Twilight translated= Tainting the competition with our 'media'

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