I’m spending the day clearing my head and deciding whether or not I should study for the PLACEMENT TEST tomorrow at 9 A.M. that no one told me about (if I cram and then forget the words and phrases that helped me get into a higher level, I’ll be screwed), but afterwords, I’m definitely going to want to write. Is anyone curious about anything in particular, whether it be concerned with Chinese culture, with the study abroad experience, with learning languages, with myself, or otherwise, I’m up for a challenge. Please comment if ya got a query!

ALSO, UNC friends: I got an alert on my phone and email about weather warnings (either there’s a REALLY REALLY INTENSE intercontinental storm right now or Alert Carolina doesn’t select for campus-bound students) and want to make sure you’re okay and that Holden and Friends are just overreacting- give me updates when you can!

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