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Kentucky Fried Cool: Of Giblets and Grandeur


Way yore in Business Chinese, we did a chapter on the Asian obsession with KFC. I’ve definitely seen American cultural entities playing central roles in certain Chinese locales, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe that the KFCs in China actually have adjoining art galleries until yesterday at Gulangyu Island. The following images should tell you just how much merit holding your event at a fast food restaurant (where the service is excellent, the facilities are clean, and the food is not half bad) can bring.



So I decided to check my blog’s stats today, and let me just say, I am SO HAPPY to see that people are actually reading! It’s fun to write, and seeing that other people seem to enjoy what I have to say makes writing even more worthwhile. I put a poll in the sidebar of this site so that if anyone has any distinct interest in a facet of either my experience or the country in which I’m experiencing things, they can tell me, and I can fashion my writing around that interest. Hope y’all keep reading!