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A Quick Update


In brief:


1.super tough

2. was able to understand a bit more by the end

3. know significantly more about giant panda vital statistics than before class

4. want to drop- listening, reading, and speaking abilities at least 3 grade levels behind writing abilities

5. stubborn

6. Ruskie and Swede convince me to stick it out until the end of the week at least



1. Stressed

2. Went for walk (Don’t worry it’s safe Mom), came back, roommates freaked out b/c they thought I’d been abducted or something cuz there was blood on the floor?!?!

3. Stressed still b/c made others stressed



1. Haitians can play mad soccer

2. Still can’t use chopsticks, answer= chopstick as shishkabobs? Caveat: Rice is tough to eat, tofu falls off shishkabobs, do they make handheld tofu?

3. When am I ever going to have to say ‘peony,’ textbook?

4. Lots of time walking around by self mumbling words in Chinese like ‘pupil’ and ‘eyesight’ and ‘peony’ and ‘live in seclusion.’ Blind hermitage= chapter theme?

5. Met Israeli. He wants to get coffee. I only have time to study. And update this.